Why choose Direct2Barrister?

Did you know that in certain circumstances you can go straight a Barrister for expert advice?

Historically, if you had a need for legal assistance you would typically contact a solicitor for help. The solicitor would either handle the case themselves or would bring in deeper expertise, through instructing a barrister on your behalf.

Since 2004, the Direct Public Access (DPA) scheme has enabled anyone to go direct to a barrister without the need for a solicitor.

The majority of Becket Chambers’ experienced barristers have been trained and accredited to accept Direct Public Access work. They are able to give you legal advice, draft documents, letters and represent you at Court, Tribunals or other formal meetings.

Why would I go Direct2Barrister?

  • There is no need to instruct a solicitor, which saves you the costs of additional solicitor’s fees.
  • Get faster access to expert advice by meeting with your barrister at an early stage, saving you time and expense.
  • Work directly with your barrister to make important decisions relating to strategy and tactics that may influence how your case will be determined.
  • Choose the barrister you prefer to advise or represent you.
  • Access expert legal advice in a wide variety of different areas of law.
  • Your barrister will represent you at Court or Tribunal hearings and at any other formal meeting.
  • In many cases, instructing a barrister directly can help to avoid cases going to court, which substantially reduces the costs.

What types of cases are typically handled Direct2Barrister?

  • You can approach a barrister for direct advice and representation in your divorce.
  • You can approach a barrister for advice and representation in any family dispute over children.
  • Get direct advice about the merits of any potential or ongoing claim, a particular point of law or a clause in a lease or contract.
  • You can ask a specialist employment barrister to review your company’s existing documentation or to draft new documentation tailored to the specific needs and nature of your business and its employment requirements.
  • If you have a Court hearing coming up you can seek advice from a barrister as to your chances of success and the value of any claim. Also what, if any, offers of settlement you should make or accept, and what witnesses to call. Of course, the barrister would also be able to represent you at the hearing.
  • Barristers provide expert assistance if your company needs to bring its contracts or employment procedures (e.g. sickness, equality, grievance and disciplinary procedures) up to date.

Solicitors will also sometimes refer a client to Direct2Barrister, when they consider it to be in your best interest. This may be because of timescales or because they consider that it would be a better solution for you financially, since they are aware that costs may be an issue.

Aren’t barristers more expensive?

There is a common misconception that barristers are expensive. In reality, a barrister’s level of expertise can often enable you to get the legal result you desire faster. This saves on legal resources required, and therefore on costs to you. In most circumstances the price of coming to a barrister directly will ultimately be half the cost of going through a solicitor, and the cost savings can be significantly more.

How do the fees work?

Barristers are also able to offer agreed fixed fees, so at every point during your case you will be aware of the cost.

All fees must be paid in advance of any work being undertaken, whether it’s for case preparation, a conference or representation at Court. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer any credit facilities.

If you are unable to pay all your legal fees upfront, it is possible to obtain financing through the Bar Council’s approved service partnership with Legal Cost Finance. For further information please visit their website.

“Instructing a barrister directly rather than going through a solicitor was totally the best for me and my barrister was superb. Couldn’t have been any better.”
 “The benefit of instructing a barrister directly rather than going through a solicitor was that I could still have a say in the case.”
 “I was referred by a solicitor. I got the result I wanted and was very pleased with the costs. Counsel did me proud.”

Can we help?

Contact our clerking team to discuss how Direct2Barrister could help you. We are happy to talk to you. We’ll take brief details about your legal requirements, and provide you with a no-obligation indication of likely costings.