Representing a client in a Personal Injury claim

Rachel’s client was being sued by an ex-client who alleged that he had performed a beauty treatment negligently, leaving her with scarring.

The court had arranged a ‘costs and case management’ hearing to decide how the case should proceed to get it to an effective trial hearing, and also to look at the costs that the parties planned to spend to get to trial.

Rachel’s client wanted the court to give him permission to get his own report from a medical expert. The client felt that getting this medical evidence was crucial to his case, and he was very anxious that the court might not give him permission.

Rachel’s thorough preparation for the hearing and her arguments to the Judge about why the new report was justified were successful and the client got permission for a new medical report. The client was thrilled with this outcome, and explained to Rachel that he really felt she had listened to him and what he wanted.

In addition, Rachel argued in court that the Claimant’s costs estimate was excessive and should be reduced. This meant that her client, were he to lose the case, would face a lower bill for the Claimant’s costs than he otherwise would have.