Marie Crawford represents a Father about Internal Relocation in Children’s Proceedings

Case Summary

Marie is representing a father she acted for in protracted contact proceedings 4 years ago. There were issues of implacable hostility and parental alienation by the mother, which resulted in a 16.4 Guardian being appointed and an expert child psychiatrist completing an assessment of the child and the parents. Those proceedings eventually resulted in an order for fortnightly weekend contact and half the holidays for the father and it has largely worked well since.


The mother is now seeking to relocate to another part of the country and had not sought agreement by the father to do this, resulting in a prohibited steps order application being made to prevent the move, which was successful.


The father is now seeking an order for the child to live with him rather than relocate with her mother and that is how the case is now proceeding, with a s.7 welfare report having been ordered to be completed by Cafcass.


Prohibited Steps Order made to prevent the mother from relocating pending a full welfare investigation by the court.