Kevin Jackson represents a parent with a Court Listing issue


A Court Listing Issue


Kevin was instructed by solicitors to represent a parent in family proceedings where there was an issue between the parents as to what child arrangements would be in the best interests of the child. The parents were not able to resolve the issues and so the court listed the case for final hearing with a time estimate of 1 day. The parents had waited several months for the final hearing. During this time, they were able to resolve some of the issues.

The day before the case was due to be heard, the parents were notified by the court that their case was being adjourned. This was because of an administrative problem. Upon being informed of this, Kevin consulted with the barrister acting for the other parent and between them, they agreed that the remaining issues in dispute could be dealt with by way submissions from the parents’ respective barristers and that there would be no need for the court to hear evidence from the parents.


Kevin advised his client’s solicitor to contact the court urgently and ask the court to list the case for a 2 hour hearing. The court agreed. The case went ahead and the court made final orders. This saved both parents the additional legal costs and the stress and uncertainty of an adjournment. Finality was achieved, which was important for the child.