Sandria Murkin

My practice focuses on Family Law, and I have particular experience in cases involving children.

I began my career owning and running children’s day nurseries, one of which I still own, while bringing up my own four children. It was this experience which inspired me to become a Barrister, as I realised my main wish was to protect the rights and wellbeing of children.

I enjoy meeting my clients, and building relationships with people that enable me to fight the corner for those who are vulnerable. If you’re finding the prospect of court action daunting, you can trust me to help you have a voice in difficult circumstances. My experience as a parent and nursery owner gives me considerable insight into the situations you might be facing, and informs my pragmatic and non-judgmental approach.

I pride myself on taking what I think of as a very ‘human’ approach to Family Law. My first priority is to protect the rights of children, but I’m very conscious of the emotional impact that legal procedures can have on both children and their parents. Sometimes there have to be tough conversations to ensure that you understand the realities of your situation – and I’ll work with you to ensure that you have the information you need to make the necessary decisions.

I act for clients in all types of cases involving children in Public and Private Law proceedings – and have specialist experience including both accidental and non-accidental injury to children, especially head injuries, broken bones, blood disorders, abnormalities and sexual abuse.

Public Law Children

My experience in this area includes foster care of children, non-accidental injury and neglect. I often work with parents in cases where there are issues of mental health or other vulnerabilities, and have worked with many families whose first language is not English and who need me to work with an interpreter. I am also experienced in working with issues of Jurisdiction – where you or the other parent might want to take your children abroad.

I prefer to take a long-term, holistic family view of cases, always with the needs and rights of children at the fore. I will help you fight for support, assessment and ongoing review of your situation, with the aim of enabling your children to maintain contact with you and any siblings wherever possible.

I have particular experience of cases involving non-accidental injury to children, especially head injuries, broken bones, blood disorders, abnormalities and sexual abuse.

Private Law (Child Arrangements Programme)

I think my own experiences, both as a mother and as the owner of a nursery, help me to identify your issues and concerns as parents, and I aim to reassure and support you throughout any proceedings. My consistent approach towards cases involving children is that their rights are foremost, and I will always provide objective and balanced advice on this basis.

At the same time, I will fight your corner with tenacity and determination, and am experienced in working on cases which additionally require injunctions against either my client or the other party, or which might involve parallel criminal proceedings.

In private law proceedings I often act in cases where there have been issues of domestic violence or threatening, controlling and coercive behaviour in the relationship, and following a separation, including where allegations of domestic violence or physical, emotional or sexual abuse of a child are made by one parent against the other.

Divorce and Matrimonial Finance

My approach to financial remedy cases is to look for creative solutions to both parties’ needs – particularly when your children’s needs also need to be met.

I’ll always try to find outcomes which protect your children as well as being beneficial to both parents, and will work closely with you to identify and clarify all your options, to ensure that you make decisions with full understanding of all the implications.

I’m known as an effective negotiator, with a pragmatic approach to finding solutions that are in your best interests – but also as a highly capable and determined defender of my client’s position as far as a final hearing.

Sandria Murkin's Testimonials for Divorce and Matrimonial Finance

“I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything. You have been there for Mum and I and it has meant the world.”

Ms K Instructing Sandria Murkin through DPA scheme – April 18