Ronald Edginton

My practice has been established since 1991. I began my career as a health professional, but fulfilled a lifelong ambition to become a barrister after studying law at Exeter University, gaining a Masters degree in International Business Legal Studies.

The main area of my practice is Family Law, including applications under the Family Law Act 1996, and I am willing to attend court at short notice, especially in cases involving domestic violence. My specialism is particularly in Public and Private Children cases, mainly instructed by parents, but I have also been instructed by Guardians. I also specialise in divorce and matrimonial finance, where I have particular expertise in securing assets for parents who have care of their child/ren.

I think it’s my wealth of experience – combining life experience, (I have a young family of my own), my former career in Health and my experience within the arena of law – that enables me to take such a holistic perspective on your situation and your case. That’s what gives me a reputation for being realistic and honest with my clients and for getting the best possible results, including through negotiations where necessary.


Public Law Children

I am regularly instructed in child care proceedings, including Section 38(6) and Emergency Protection Order applications.

In Public Law cases I often represent clients facing a Local Authority which is seeking to remove children from the family’s care. My cases have involved working with family members concerned about children who may have suffered chronic neglect, physical abuse, non-accidental injury and sexual abuse. I have a reputation for taking a pragmatic and realistic view, as well as being sympathetic towards your situation, and ensuring that you are able to fully engage in the court process and achieve the best possible outcome for the children.

I have experience of cross examination of expert witnesses and am adept at assimilating the often large amounts of specialist evidence required.

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Private Law (Child Arrangements Programme)

Within Private Law proceedings I have experience in all private law applications, but my clients are most frequently parents, and I deal primarily with residence and contact applications. This is to help reach agreement where you as parents are unable to agree where your child/ren should live and/or on the arrangements that will be made in relation to your child/ren seeing both parents. For example this might include where you and the other parent disagree about your child staying overnight with them, or going on holiday abroad.

My recent experience includes cases of parental alienation, moving within and out of the jurisdiction (e.g. out of the country), and implacable hostility. Where communication has broken down between parents, I ensure that the children’s best interests are foremost in order to achieve resolution to an argument.

Private Law cases can also include allegations of physical abuse by one parent towards the other as part of their separation, in which case I can help you with the fact-finding hearing which will be needed before any further arrangements can be made.

Ronald Edginton's Testimonials for Private Law (Child Arrangements Programme)

Divorce and Matrimonial Finance

My practice also includes divorce and financial provision including financial provision for children. I will represent either parent, and act for clients in all income brackets, whether your family home is your only/main asset or your circumstances involve complex property and asset portfolios.

I frequently act on behalf of the parent who has care of the children. This includes finding solutions in situations where the available assets make providing a suitable home for you and your child challenging. I am experienced in finding solutions in these scenarios – aiming to enable you and the other parent to reach an agreement which secures your child’s home, whether that’s in your former matrimonial home or by selling it and using the proceeds to gain security.

This is often an emotional process, and I pride myself on a calm and reassuring manner which helps my clients to control their emotions and remain focused during court proceedings.

“…I am really impressed by how professional the contact has been on the telephone, by the bravery shown by Mr Edginton taking on such a case. He grasped all the information, and made me feel less scared…”

Ronald Edginton's Testimonials for Divorce and Matrimonial Finance

“Please can you inform Mr Edginton that he was most helpful and that I wished that he could have represented me in court as he gave me every confidence in his abilities and advice offered.

With many thanks for your time and support in this matter.”

Ms K Instructing Ronald Edginton – August 17

“Please can you inform Mr Edginton that he was most helpful, he gave me every confidence in his abilities and advice offered.

With many thanks for your time and support in this matter.”

Mrs K Instructing Ronald Edginton – August 17