Jane Carter

I am a specialist family law practitioner with over 20 years’ experience advising and representing clients in all areas of family law.

Having acquired my skills through a broad family law practice, I now focus on financial remedies for divorcing spouses and cohabitants. I have an in -depth knowledge of the principles which are applicable in all cases irrespective of value. However, I am commercially aware and sensitive to the issues when money is tight.

I can also advice you and give you practical help if you wish to take steps to protect your assets prior to marriage or purchasing a property with your partner.

Prior to joining chambers, I spent a number of years working in a specialist family law practice , so I have a wealth of experience and I am fully aware of what the day to day management of your case involves, and I can guide you through the various stages providing as much support as you require. I am also very aware of the process that you will be going through personally; in particular, in high conflict cases, and I can provide advice and support in these scenarios.

I am skilled in identifying the relevant issues. I aim to avoid a protracted dispute; I take a pragmatic approach and where possible I will assist you in reaching an agreement.

When this is not possible, I can represent you in court and I have a proven track record of achieving favorable outcomes for my client’s.