Corey Mills

I have many years of experience in all areas of family law, having originally learned the art of advocacy practising criminal law in the criminal courts of London. Since 1992/93 I have specialised in family law and my practice now encompasses the following:

  • care proceedings where a Local Authority has applied for a care, supervision or placement order (Public Law), including applications for special guardianship orders;
  • family disputes over children (Private Law) under the Children Act 1989. I also have considerable experience of cases involving applications to remove a child from the jurisdiction (ie usually meaning to take them out of the UK) or to change a child’s surname.

My clients come from all walks of life, and I pride myself on being known for an understanding and friendly approach, and an ability to communicate with and support all types of client. My aim is to support you throughout the legal process, taking a sympathetic approach to providing advice that helps you to understand your options and make informed decisions. In court my approach is persuasive, and robust when needed. I am as comfortable representing people who may be nervous and unfamiliar with the court system as I am working with business and professional clients.

Within public law and private law proceedings I represent parents, grandparents, step-parents, and children, including clients with disabilities, learning difficulties or substance abuse issues.

Public Law Children

My Care Proceedings (Public Law) cases include defending against Emergency Protection Orders, interim care orders, final care order and applications to permanently remove children from the family, whether into foster care or by application for placement order for adoption.

I regularly represent parents, other family members and children in care proceedings, include those suffering from a disability, learning difficulties or substance abuse issues. I appreciate that I am often working with people who are coping with the most difficult of circumstances – including domestic violence, neglect, abuse and even the death of a child – and I will take the time to ensure that I explain matters and advise you so that you understand your particular situation. I am used to working with interpreters, including sign language interpreters.

Private Law (Child Arrangements Programme)

Private family law proceedings include disputes over whether your children should live with you or their other parent, and arrangements for contact. Both now come under the umbrella term of ‘Child Arrangement Orders’. Other matters in which I can help you include applications to remove or prevent the removal of your child from the country or to a different part of the country, questions of your child’s religious or cultural upbringing, disputes over which school your child should attend, and changing your child’s surname.

I have considerable experience of all these aspects of private law as well as disputes over paternity, parental alienation and implacable hostility cases, shared care cases and injunctions.

I represent parents, grandparents and extended family members at many levels within the Family Court system. This includes acting for victims of domestic abuse in cases bought by or against the abusing partner, as well as acting for fathers alleged to be perpetrators of domestic violence. I take a supportive approach to representing parents with substance abuse problems, mental health difficulties or physical disabilities.