Family Injunctions

Members of Becket Chambers’ Family team have extensive experience of dealing with injunctions for all eventualities.

Legal Aid

If you receive Legal Aid, you cannot use the Direct Public Access scheme and go direct to a barrister for an injunction. You will need to use a solicitor. However, if you don’t want to apply for Legal Aid, or have been unable to find a solicitor who will act in Legal Aid cases, and are able to fund the legal action yourself, you can use a barrister.

When Injunctions are needed

Injunctions might be stand-alone or they might be needed as part of a more wide-reaching case. They might, for example, be needed in order to ensure your or your children’s immediate safety or long-term welfare. If you are divorcing, they may be needed or in relation to matrimonial finance – to ensure fair division of property and assets.

You may need an injunction if you are making allegations of domestic violence against your partner and need to have them kept away from you. Or you may need to apply for an injunction requiring them to leave the family home. Injunctions are also frequently bound up with protecting a child (and parent) in Children cases where they are considered to be at risk.


Emergency Non-Molestation Injunctions and Applications for Occupation Orders under the Family Law Act 1996 may also be required in matrimonial finance or cohabitation cases.

Family Injunctions Articles

A Guide to Non-Molestation Orders

This article aims to look at the test required to be met and the process once at court of getting a non-molestation order. It does not cover the initial application process but the application should be made on form FL401 which can be found here: The basic law around non-molestation orders, the hearings and Continue reading