Private Law (Child Arrangements Programme) Cases

Representing a mother in a contact dispute

Marie represented the Mother in a case where the children have been seeing their Father on a supervised basis over a number of years, after the end of the parties’ relationship. This was as a result of concerns about his alcohol misuse and domestic abuse allegations. At the FHDRA the court listed the matter for Continue reading

Representing grandparents in application for a CAO

Melanie successfully represented the grandparents in an application for permission to make an application for a Child Arrangements Order. The matter was listed for a fully contested hearing. The fully contested hearing was vacated and a final Child Arrangements Order was negotiated and agreed by consent.

Maintaining CAO against a history of domestic violence

John acted for the respondent Mother following threats to the safety of the parties and the child. His representation involved him in liaising with the Police, the opponent, the Local Authority, and schools. He successfully negotiated a favourable settlement on behalf of his client.

Helping a Father agree a flexible contact order

Melanie represented a Father who did shift work and had no control over his rotas. The children’s Mother insisted he must have set contact times with his children or miss out on seeing them. Melanie was able to advise and represent the Father, and negotiated with the Mother on his behalf at court. Her careful Continue reading

Negotiating contact time around complex work routines

Melanie represented a Mother in a situation where both the parents worked full-time and were trying to find a way of facilitating contact and handovers around the children’s routines and the parents’ work commitments. Melanie’s excellent negotiation skills result in an order being negotiated with the Father and agreed before court which maximised the Mother’s Continue reading

Returning children to a Mother’s care

Melanie represented a Mother where the Father had refused to return the children after contact, claiming they now wished to reside with him and making allegations about the Mother’s care of the children. Melanie was able to help, support and advise her distressed client through the process, leading to the children eventually being returned to Continue reading