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The Family Finance team at Becket Chambers specialises in all aspects of matrimonial and family finance, including cases concerning modest assets through to high value cases. Members have considerable experience in dealing with injunctive relief, businesses, trusts, third party interests and cases involving an international dimension.

Our members are regularly instructed on applications for financial provision for children and other relief following the breakdown of a relationship.

For more information on our areas of specialism, and the profiles of the barristers who undertake this work, please visit our website –


Timescales for your case may vary depending on factors such as barristers’ availability, the complexity of your case, the need for additional documents, courts availability and the level of engagement from the other party. However, as a guide more straightforward cases tend to have a hearing date listed within four to six months of a claim being issued..


In most cases, we will charge fixed fees. A fixed fee means that we will charge you a set amount of money for a specified item of work. Below, we provide estimates based on ranges of fixed fees for barristers at Becket Chambers. The range of fees will factor in the varying experiences of our barristers and the nature of each case.

Stage of Case Range of Fixed Fees (estimates)
Initial Case Conference £250 plus VAT
Case Conference £300-£1,000 plus VAT
Drafting (including Advices) £300 – £1,250 plus VAT
‘FDA’ (First Directions Appointment) £400 – £1,500 plus VAT
‘MPS’ (Maintenance Pending Suit) £400 – £1,500 plus VAT
‘FDR’ (Financial Dispute Resolution) £500 – £3,500 plus VAT
Final Hearing (1 Day) £1,000 – £5,000 plus VAT
Final Hearing (Multi- Days) £2,000 – £20,000 plus VAT
Hourly Rate (where applicable) £80 – £250 plus VAT

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Please note that the fee ranges detailed above are estimates only. Please contact the Clerks on 01227 786331 for further information.

Direct Access – Divorce & Matrimonial Finance Barristers