Two bites of the cherry in matrimonial finance … or not, rule the Supreme Court

Cara Radford examines the recent decision Supreme Court decision in Mills v Mills dealing with changes in parties’ financial circumstances several years after a divorce. Upon the unfortunate event of a divorce, there are a number of matters that normally need to be managed – one of those being the matrimonial finances. This can be Continue reading

HMO Licensing: all change from October 2018

Introduction Becket Chambers is based in Canterbury, a city with two universities and over 40,000 students. Consequently, very many of our Landlord clients rent to students and are likely to have properties subject to mandatory HMO (“Houses in Multiple Occupation”) Licensing regulations. Mandatory HMO Licensing was introduced in 2006 as a means of providing some Continue reading

HMO Licence Fees after Peter Gaskin v Richmond upon Thames: Possible Relief for Regulated Landlords

Introduction HMO (“Houses in Multiple Occupation”) Licensing has been in place since 2006 and entitles local authorities to impose conditions when granting licences to Landlords. In addition, and as discussed in my related article on the subject, councils are also entitled to levy a fee for the granting of such licences. In fact, the HMO Continue reading

Cash Seizure and Forfeiture under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002

Introduction It’s a problem we are all familiar with; you are a successful international business person travelling into the UK with some cash in connection with your next project. You are stopped at the border and a Border Force official finds the cash (e.g. currency, postal orders, cheques, bankers drafts or bearer bonds) and decides Continue reading

Tenancy Deposits: A Brief Summary

It has long been standard practice for landlords to take a deposit from tenants at the start of a tenancy agreement.  The deposit provides some protection to the landlord in the event of damage to the property or the tenant doing a disappearing act and leaving rent unpaid. Some landlords however were in the habit Continue reading

Keeping Children Within the Extended Family: Special Guardianship Orders for Grandparents

In circumstances where Social Services are concerned that a child may be suffering or at risk of suffering  significant harm, there has been an increasing move towards placing the child within the extended family rather than placing them in long term foster care or for adoption. The aim of this article is to assist grandparents Continue reading