Private Law (Child Arrangements Programme)

If you and the other parent have separated and/or are divorcing, we have a number of barristers who can help and support you throughout proceedings relating to arrangements for your children. Our experienced Family Law team frequently deals with disputes between parents or other family members where contact has broken down, and we can provide advice and representation in all cases concerning arrangements for children (which used to be known as contact and residence).

Resolving disagreements

If you have already separated or are in the process of separating, and cannot agree, for example, who your children should live with or how and when they should spend with the other parent, we can help resolve the disagreement.

We can also represent you if you (or the other parent) want to move abroad or to another part of the country with your child, or if you disagree with how your child is being educated or over matters of religion.

Serious allegations

Sometimes these circumstances also involve allegations against a parent of domestic violence, physical, emotional or sexual abuse or of alcohol or substance abuse. Whether the allegations are about you or the other parent, we can help by advising and representing you.

These are emotive issues, and our Family Law team members pride themselves on their experience and their ability to give practical and objective advice and support. These cases often involve many complex levels of allegations and counter-allegations, and emotions can run high. It’s not unusual for the relationship between you and your former partner to have become extremely hostile and it might feel as though reaching agreement is impossible.

Many of our Barristers who specialise in these areas have children themselves, and have built their reputations on their sensitive approach resolving these arguments involving the future care and wellbeing of children.

Our expertise:

  • Adoption
  • Disputes over schooling
  • Enforcing visiting rights
  • International relocation applications
  • Medical treatment
  • Name-change
  • Parental orders
  • Shared care agreements
  • Supervised visiting arrangements.

Case Studies

Private Law (Child Arrangements Programme) Testimonials

“I sought the services of Mr Jackson for my final Child Arrangements hearing via the Direct Access Scheme and found his representation to be invaluable. His professionalism and knowledge of the court is without question. From the outset, Mr Jackson demonstrated a solid understanding of the key issues surrounding the case and provided me with sound advice and clarity of direction that ultimately facilitated a successful outcome of equal, shared-care. I found his direct and honest approach to be unambiguous and reassuring, helping me to make some sense of; and; to take some stress out of the process. In short, his advice was right on the mark. I would wholeheartedly recommend Mr Jackson’s services for anybody experiencing the child arrangements process.”

Mr H Instructing Kevin Jackson – April 17

“Following an acrimonious separation, I sought the representation of Louisa for my FDHRA and Second Child Arrangements hearing via the Direct Access Scheme. The court process is very stressful and the system can be quite complex. However, I found Louisa’s support to be invaluable, helping me to make sense of the process and find a way forward to protect the interests of my daughter, pending a final outcome. Throughout the process, Louisa offered me clarity and understanding. As a true professional, she listened to my concerns and worked hard to take the heat out of matters, whilst putting the interests of the child foremost at all times. Overall, I felt she went above and beyond what I expected in providing support and direction to me and would recommend her services to any parent experiencing the court system.”

Mr H Instructing Louisa Adamson – April 17

“Thank you so very much for today, I was very happy with the outcome. I felt as though my voice was heard, it is such an important matter to me, thank-you.”


Ms T Instructing Clive Styles through DPA scheme – March 17

“I am very grateful indeed for all of your efforts in this business. And to the solicitor who recommended you. She said you were the man she would want on her side if she was in a jam like this. And she was quite right. If I ever meet anyone who needs your help I shall be sending them your way.”

Mr B instructing Philip Newton through DPA scheme – February 17

“….Excellent in all areas….financially it was less expensive….I personally felt that because I was able to have direct contact with the barrister that communicating was easier, I felt in control of what was said and put across, essentially it was cutting out the middleman….definitely worth it….”

Mrs S Instructing Louisa Adamson – August 16

“Thank you so much for your help with this. You certainly had a calming and reassuring effect  throughout the process. I am immensely grateful for the overall outcome …”

Ms C Instructing Kevin Jackson – September 16