Members of Becket Chambers have extensive experience of acting for those who require a specific licence in order to operate their business or do their job. This includes taxi drivers, those licensed to sell alcohol, or those operating licensed premises such as pubs, restaurants or nightclubs.

Our expertise

Under the Direct Public Access scheme, our barristers can advise and represent you in cases relating to:

  • applying for or amending a licence to sell alcohol (for example a shop which wishes to sell alcohol)
  • varying a licence (making temporary or permanent changes to opening hours)
  • applications for licensed premises (for example opening a nightclub)
  • appealing where a licence has been denied or revoked.

We have extensive experience of acting for licensees and other interested individuals or groups. Our barristers are happy to advise those living near licensed premises concerned about the impact of increased opening hours, or of changing a business from a pub to a nightclub, and will represent you if the matter proceeds further.

If you are a licensee facing obstacles to a licence application that is essential to your business, we can advise you on your position and the likely outcome, as well as helping you to work with any interested parties to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome.

Licensing Articles

Licensing Act 2003 – Applying for a Premises Licence

I have dealt with a number of cases recently where applicants for Premises Licences under the Licensing Act 2003 have made life harder for themselves because they have not completed the Application Form correctly or have failed to provide adequate or sufficient information; a properly completed application can avoid a great deal of hassle for Continue reading