Article: Top 5 tips to prepare for a court hearing

This article is intended for those who are representing themselves at a court hearing, known as ‘litigants in person,’ as well as those who will be legally represented but will be attending a court hearing for the first time, have never done anything like this before, and may not have met and discussed their case Continue reading

A Guide to Non-Molestation Orders

This article aims to look at the test required to be met and the process once at court of getting a non-molestation order. It does not cover the initial application process but the application should be made on form FL401 which can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/form-fl401-application-for-a-non-molestation-order-occupation-order The basic law around non-molestation orders, the hearings and Continue reading

What is a ‘shared care’ or ‘lives with/lives’ child arrangement order and what does it mean in practical terms?

Introduction One of the areas that I am most often asked about by my clients is the concept of shared care order or lives with /lives with child arrangement order. There are many myths about it and what it means and often people are quite confused about the implications. Custody/ residence / ‘lives with’ orders Continue reading

Re-opening Civil Matters in the Magistrates Court – Traffic jams can leave you car-less or homeless

Sometimes cases are a bit like buses and the same unusual legal points appear in several cases in close succession; I have just had two cases where the Magistrates Court has been asked to review its own Civil Orders depriving individuals of, respectively, their car and their home. The first case involved condemnation proceedings following Continue reading